Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi


The Sustainability Leadership Awards program provides the City of Oxford and the University of Mississippi with the opportunity to recognize individuals, groups, and businesses that have been exemplary leaders and made significant contributions to sustainability–creating a community that is fiscally, environmentally, and socially responsible.  The SLAs celebrate Oxford’s environmental stewardship, economic development, and dynamic community.

Individuals, businesses, non-profits, community organizations, schools, departments and government agencies in the Oxford/Lafayette/University area are invited to submit nomination forms. Nominees should exhibit outstanding leadership and creativity in addressing issues of sustainability on the University of Mississippi campus and/or in the broader community.

Leaders in Sustainability

These leaders are integrating the principles of sustainability into their daily lives or operating procedures.   Among the core principles are:

  • Facing the challenge of doing more with less with a spirit of innovation and creativity,
  • Making a commitment to value people and the environment as well as profit, and
  • Living in a way today that does not impede the ability of future generations to live and prosper.

Examples of work or projects that leaders in sustainability are contributing include:

  • Energy Conservation: Resulting in a measurable reduction of energy consumption.
  • Green Design: Utilizing sustainable construction practices and implement green building design.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: Reducing waste and demonstrating leadership in recycling practices.
  • Community Engagement: Supporting community sustainability through education, outreach, and civic participation.
  • Economic Prosperity: Contributing to the long‐term sustainability of Oxford’s economy by providing meaningful employment and economic growth while demonstrating a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
  • Preservation of Ecology and Biodiversity: Protecting and restoring biological diversity and enhancing ecological services.