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Office of Sustainability
University of Mississippi

Transportation at Ole Miss

With a newly expanded bus system, bike lanes, sidewalks, and a new bike-share program, you no longer need a car to get around Oxford easily and conveniently. In fact, the many options now available make other forms of transportation often more convenient than driving.

The transportation sector of the US economy consumes most of the nation’s energy before the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Utilizing alternative forms of transportation can help reduce carbon emissions. According to the Fuel Freedom Foundation, the average American typically spends as much on gas as they paid for their car. To put this in perspective, Americans pour about $2,000 into their gas tanks every year.

As a largely commuter campus, Ole Miss contributes to carbon emissions. The university has established several transportation programs on campus to both combat these emissions and provide a reliable mode of transportation to all students, faculty, and staff. The many transportation options available on campus make other forms of transportation often more convenient than driving.

Students, faculty, and staff have the ability to help reduce carbon emissions at Ole Miss. Support sustainable transportation at Ole Miss by using any of the following services.

Transportation Services


The Oxford University Transit bus system makes it easy to get around the city and campus. It is free to students, faculty, and staff. Riding the bus can help avoid parking hassles and save money on gas. There are nine different bus lines to help you commute. To learn more, click here.

Find out exactly where your bus is and when it will arrive at your stop in real-time by clicking here.

Biking in Oxford  – Oxford Pathways Commission

The city of Oxford has made a dedicated effort to become a safe place to bike and walk.  The Oxford Pathways Commission was formed to plan, create, and enhance bike and pedestrian routes.  Their hard work was recently recognized when the League of American Bicyclists designated Oxford a Bicycle Friendly Community at the bronze level.  For more information including a map of existing routes, click here.

Rebel Pedals

Rebel Pedals is the bicycle-sharing program at Ole Miss. Rebel Pedals was established to make the quality of student life better by giving students an affordable, convenient, healthy alternative to driving a car. The mission of the program is to promote bicycling as a desirable means of transportation in a greater effort to strengthen a culture of sustainability on campus.

Rebel Pedals is a program through the Department of Parking & Transportation. To learn more, click here. For more information about biking on campus and bike registration, click here.

ZipcarZipcar logo

Zipcar is a rental car program for individuals who are 18 or older. You must register as a Zipcar member online in order to rent a vehicle. There are two Zipcar vehicles available on campus to rent by the hour or weekend. To learn more, click here.


Have a car and want to make some gas money? Post your ride on Zimride! Looking for a ride to the store, but don’t have a car? Search for a ride on Zimride! Zimride is a rideshare program designed individuals who need a ride around or out of town. To learn more, click here.

Vanpool with Enterprise Rideshare

Are you in search of  a reliable and cost effective way to get to work? Vanpool with fellow University faculty and staff and split the cost of your commute. For more information on how to how to join or start a new vanpool, please visit the Ole Miss Zimride Vanpool page or contact Chaz Garvin with Enterprise Rideshare for more information.