Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

UM Green Fund

How does it work?

Students, faculty, and staff can voluntarily contribute to the University of Mississippi Green Fund (UMGF). Individuals will be able to contribute any time during the year through the MyOleMiss portal. The contribution page will suggest contribution amounts, and individuals will also be given the ability to enter their own contribution level. The portal accepts payments made by credit card or ACH bank account transfer.

To support the UMGF, the university will provide a baseline contribution of $15,000 per year along with a 50 percent bonus match for every dollar invested by students. All students, faculty, and staff will be provided an opportunity each semester to participate in the process for determining how the funds will be used to advance sustainability on campus.

How Will the Fund be Managed?

The UMGF is managed by a committee of students, faculty, and staff.  The committee accepts and reviews proposals twice per year.  The Green Fund Committee will create an annual report including projects funded, costs and benefits of funded projects, data collected as a result of funded projects.  The report will be publicly available and will be presented to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Provost, the University Architect and the Associated Student Body President at an annual meeting.

UMGF Committee

The UMGF committee is charged with the stewardship of the UMGF on behalf of the University of Mississippi. The Committee shall consist of the following representation:

  • 5 students serving two-year terms
    • Associated Student Body Director of Sustainability position (may only serve 1 year)
    • Representative from a UM student environmental organization
    • At-Large Student Representatives (3 positions)
  • 2 faculty members appointed by the Provost
  • 1 staff member appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance
  • 1 staff member appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • 1 non-voting chairperson from the Office of Sustainability, to be responsible for basic committee oversight, coordination, and facilitation