Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

Meet the UM Green Fund Committee

Lonnie Weaver – Facilities Management Staff Representative (Voting Member)

Assistant Director, Facilities-Systems Technologies 

Q: Why do you think the Green Fund is important? 

A: The Green Fund is important because it opens up dialogue between the students, faculty and staff of the university in a way that is not simply about academics but rather about life lessons.  Anyone can offer a recommendation and real discussion takes place on if/how to implement the suggestion based on feasibility, cost, impact to the university, etc.  The students that take part in this process get a deeper understanding of the costs and labor associated to implement their ideas and how to sustain them for the future and they get the opportunity to see their work come to fruition.

Q: What is one of your favorite Green Fund projects?

A: My favorite project so far is the H2Otty Toddy Water Bottles.  I thought it was an excellent idea to move away from continually purchasing water bottles over and over again and simply use the same bottle throughout the day.  I thought the idea itself made great progress towards sustainability and it was witty in advertising.

Q: What is one sustainable practice that you’ve implemented in your personal life of which you are proud?

A:  Being an ‘engineer type’ our house uses all LED light bulbs and we have motion sensors on several of the lights so they turn off when not in use.