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University of Mississippi

Where to Recycle

It is important to drop off or collect recyclables where they 1.) can be recycled and 2.) do not contaminate other recyclables. After collection, recyclables are sent to the Oxford Recycling Center to be sorted, baled, and shipped to other facilities to be turned into new items.

Where to Recycle On Campus

Academic and Administrative Buildings

Recycling receptacle on campus.

Recycling bins are located in all academic and administrative buildings. The university uses several types of bins based on location and available funding. To learn more about available bins, click here.


Residence Halls

Recycling bins are located in the lobby of all residence halls. Students should collect recyclables in their rooms, and bring them to the bin in the lobby for recycling. Make sure you are recycling correctly, as residence hall bins generally have high levels of contamination.


Roll Off Bins

There are several large outdoor recycling roll-off receptacles located on campus. The bins are clearly labeled for either cardboard or plastic/aluminum and mixed paper. While they are primarily intended for use by residence hall custodial staff, dining staff and Athletics operations, they can be used by others. If you do use these, make sure you are recycling correctly, as the roll-off bins have experienced high levels of contamination in the past.

Cardboard recycling roll-off collector at the Rebel Market.

Locations include:

  • The parking lot behind Pittman Hall- plastic, aluminum, and mixed paper
  • The Pavilion- plastic, aluminum, and cardboard
  • Stadium- cardboard
  • Two at the RC- plastic, aluminum, and mixed paper, and cardboard
  • Rebel Market- cardboard
  • Stockard and Martin- plastic, aluminum, and mixed paper

Where to Recycle in Oxford

Curbside Recycling

Curbside recycling is available for city residents. Sign up here. You will receive two bins: one to collect aluminum cans, steel cans, and plastics #1 and #2 in; and a second bin to collect newspapers, mixed paper, and flattened cardboard.

Recycling Drop-Off Locations

If you do not live in an area that is serviced by curbside recycling, bring your recyclables to one of two drop off locations:

1. The Municipal Center (City Shop) on Molly Barr Road beside the Police Station

2. On Highway 7 South next to Fire Station #3

Apartment Complexes

Because of high contamination rates, apartment complexes in Oxford do not have curbside or recycling services at this time. Occupants of apartment buildings should bring their recyclables to one of the two drop off locations.

For more information about recycling in Oxford click here.

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