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Office of Sustainability
University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi Campus Garden

The University of Mississippi Campus Garden Fall 2022

The campus garden provides students, faculty, and staff with an inclusive space to grow food and cultivate their community. Gardening on campus is an accessible way to promote food security and bring awareness to sustainable living practices. It also provides benefits for mental health, physical health, and nutrition. As a collaborative effort of a variety of departments and registered student organizations, as well as community partnerships, led by the Office of Sustainability, the campus garden is a beacon for inclusivity and community-centric progress.


Get Involved

Bed Reservations

The Office of Sustainability has begun a soft launch of the new garden reservation system for the spring and summer of 2023. Bed Reservations have been finalized for this time period. However, those interested in reserving a plot are encouraged to contact our Project Manager, Kathryn Kidd for potential availability.

Bed Reservations for fall 2023 will open in late July. Garden beds are available to students (groups of 4 or more), and faculty/staff (groups of 2 or more) who are dedicated to maintaining the bed and following the rules. Groups who violate the rules and regulations may have to forfeit control over the bed.

Garden Contract: Rules, Terms, and Conditions for Bed Reservation

Campus Garden Reservation Form

If you are interested in reserving a garden plot, please email our Project Manager, Kathryn Kidd at for any questions or concerns.

Join the Garden Club

The Garden Club has bi-weekly meetings, hosts garden workdays, and provides educational events throughout the school year. Join the club through their ForUM page and GroupMe, also linked below.

Enjoy the Space

All students, faculty, staff, or community members are welcome in the UM Campus Garden. Anyone passing through is encouraged to tour the garden, participate in light weeding, or harvest from plants that have signage identifying it as communal. Please reach out to the Office of Sustainability if you have any questions before altering the area. There are also picnic tables and spaces to hang hammocks so come hang out and enjoy the space with us!

If you visit the UM Campus Garden and do any garden work, please document your work using the Garden Maintenance Checklist Form linked below or the physical form located inside a metal clipboard inside the storage box.

UM Garden Club ForUM Link

Garden Club GroupMe Link

Campus Garden Ongoing Volunteer GivePulse Link

Garden Maintenance Checklist Form

UM Campus Garden Location

UM Campus Garden Location

The UM Campus Garden is located directly to the west of RC South (indicated by a green leaf on the map above).

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