Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

Green Student Intern Program

The Office of Sustainability’s Green Student Intern Program (GSIP) employs students during the summer, fall, and spring semesters to work on sustainability projects that benefit the students, university and community. Sustainability projects will often be related to the following operational areas: transportation, recycling/waste management, behavioral change, and outreach and event planning.

The Office of Sustainability provides support, guidance, and access to information and resources to students involved in the GSIP program that will enable the sustainability projects to succeed. To maximize the effect of the GSIP program, interns will be encouraged to record their progress with each project, including the context, lessons learned, where the project needs to go next, and any other relevant information that will ensure that long-term projects maintain their momentum.


Internship Openings

Members of the Green Student Intern Program (GSIP) team will work directly with full-time staff in the Office of Sustainability to support the university’s sustainability goals. Interns will specialize in specific sustainability topics but will also contribute to programs and projects outside of their primary focus. Interns may work on tasks including but not limited to: project implementation, research and data collection, volunteer coordination, meeting facilitation, event planning, and site management of the UM Compost site and UM Garden site.

Selected candidates will work in a highly collaborative and adaptive environment, with one-on-one feedback and constructive mentorship. Interns work 8-10 hours per week, and start at $9/hour.

Applications for fall 2018 semester internships are no longer being accepted. 

Applicants must:

  • Complete and submit the Google Drive application.
  • Send resume and cover letter to
  • Indicate 1-2 preferred specialization(s) in a project area: Recycling and Waste Reduction, Sustainable Transportation, Diversity and Inclusion, UM Compost Program, Green Grove Initiative, or Leadership and Curriculum. Scroll down to learn more about each specialization.

    Competitive applicants will:

    • Have a demonstrated interest in sustainability and environmental issues
    • Possess experience and skills related to the preferred specializations indicated on application
    • Be willing to participate in programs and projects outside of their specialization (collaborate on the Green Grove Initiative, perform compost shifts each week, etc.)
    • Be open to new learning experiences

    Available specializations:

    Interested applicants should indicate at least one but as many as two of the following subject area specializations as a part of their application:

    • Recycling and Waste Reduction Intern
      • The Office of Sustainability is seeking a Recycling and Waste Reduction Intern. This individual will assist in data collection as well as education and outreach related to waste reduction and recycling with the overall goal of increasing knowledge among the university community of the importance of recycling and how to recycle correctly in Oxford. Job qualifications: Intern must be available to work 10 hours/week. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented and knowledgeable of recycling in Oxford. Interest in sustainability desired.
    • Sustainable Transportation Intern
      • The Office of Sustainability and Department is seeking a Sustainable Transportation Intern. This individual will work with both departments to coordinate outreach and education efforts as well as assist in data collection related to sustainable transportation options on campus, such as biking, Zipcar, Zimride, OUT buses and walking. Job qualifications: Intern must be available to work 10 hours/week and attend Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) meetings. Interest in sustainability and/or active transportation is desired.
    • Compost Project Intern
      • The Office of Sustainability is seeking a compost intern to join the UM Compost Team. UM Compost Team members convert campus food waste into a nutrient-dense soil amendment, reducing the volume of food that is landfilled as a result of campus operations. Job qualifications: Must be able to work 8-10 hours/week. Must be willing and able to work in an outdoor setting 2-3 weekday afternoons. Student must be able to perform the physical tasks of lifting and carrying buckets (10-40 lbs.), shoveling mulch and pushing a wheelbarrow. Student must also have a valid driver’s license. The ideal candidate is dependable, works well on a team and is open to new learning experiences. Interest in sustainability desired.
    • Green Grove Coordinator Intern
      • The Office of Sustainability is seeking a Green Grove Coordinator Intern to manage the Green Grove Initiative. The Green Grove Initiative is the Office of Sustainability’s highly visible, flagship gameday recycling program. The students leading this program will recruit and manage volunteers for gameday outreach and sorting recycling. They will also be responsible for coordinating high quality recycling education on campus and in the community. Job qualifications: Intern must be available to work 10 hours a week, including football game Saturdays. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, organized, and a skilled communicator. Interest in sustainability desired.
    • Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Intern
      • The Office of Sustainability is seeking a Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Intern. This intern will be involved in initiatives related to 1) filling the opportunity gap for environmental and sustainability related careers; 2) connecting diversity and sustainability initiatives on campus; 3) supporting community partnerships and collaborations and 4) collecting and conducting research related these goals. Job qualifications:  Intern must be available to work 10 hours a week. The ideal candidate has a demonstrated interest and understanding of diversity and inclusion work and its connection to sustainability.
    • Leadership and Curriculum Coordinator Intern
      • The Office of Sustainability is seeking a Leadership and Curriculum Coordinator Intern. This intern will be deeply involved in developing and facilitating co-curricular leadership opportunities, such as the Eco Reps program. This intern will help promote and collect information on sustainability-related course offerings. Job qualifications:  Intern must be available to work 10 hours a week. The ideal candidate has an interest in sustainability. This internship is open to all majors, but may be especially suited for those pursuing careers in higher education or student life.


Note: For a competitive application, we strongly recommend interested student applicants visit the UM Career Center.  The UM Career Center provides professional document review (for resumes and cover letters), assistance with interview prep, and other services. The Career Center is located in 303 Martindale. 

To view a directory of current and past GSIP interns, click here.