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Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

Careers in Sustainability

“The common key to career success and satisfaction in the sustainability field is the ability and desire to lead, not to manage. By definition, driving sustainability—either through rule-changing or game-playing—involves taking people where they otherwise would not go, and inspiring others to lead in the same direction.”

Eban Goodstein, Economist at Bard College

Whether you are interested in writing grants, coordinating projects, lobbying for change, or leading through service, it takes courage to enter this cultivating field. As scientists predict the mass impact our current society could be facing in nearly decades due to our consumerism—now is the time to work for a solution.  From policy to business, the possibilities of a sustainable career are endless.

A career in policy includes research, writing, networking, and promoting, while business professionals engineer products through profit and non-profit sectors aiming to sustain transportation, energy, and water conservation. Environmental advocates in every field from education, religion, new-media, athletics, and entertainment have the opportunity to motivate, influence, and inspire the communities they reach. The most important responsibility in all careers is to clearly communicate the ethics of sustainability.  Here are just a few tools to help you find which sustainable path is the right fit for you.

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

The AASHE website makes it possible for university students, faculty, and staff to connect and learn about sustainability at other institutions. Stay up to date on the latest sustainability news, resources, opportunities, and events by subscribing to their bulletin. AASHE’s Student Resources section easily connects students with valuable sustainability resources.

Higher Education Jobs

Sustainability jobs on college campuses are abundant. Keywords to look out for are Facilities Management, Project Manager, Volunteer, Operations, Planning, and Sustainability Coordinator.

HigherEd Jobs

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