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Office of Sustainability
University of Mississippi

Meet the UM Green Fund Committee

Jason Hoeksema – Faculty Representative (Voting Member)

Associate Professor of Biology

Q: Why do you think the Green Fund is important? 

A: The Green Fund is super important for planting the seed of sustainability innovation in our community! Each year, it makes a significant difference by catalyzing creative thinking and progress on sustainability on our campus.

Q: What is one of your favorite Green Fund projects?

A: One of my favorite Green Fund projects is the certification of the first Green Restaurant in Mississippi, on our campus! This is so cool because it has the potential to influence many future generations of hospitality management students, making a continuing and lasting impact.

Q: What is one sustainable practice that you’ve implemented in your personal life of which you are proud?

A: I’m proud to be using native plants (purchased from Strawberry Plains Audubon Center) for landscaping around my house, which provides food for native insects and thus better supports native bird and wildlife populations.