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Glass Recycling in Oxford

Posted on: June 5th, 2017 by lmphill2

An independently owned company (Door 2 Door Recycling) is expanding its glass recycling service area to Oxford. The cost is $12 per month, and you will receive three blue bags to collect glass in, and one monthly glass pick up. You can split the cost with a neighbor if you’d like. Sign up here:

Glass Reduction

Glass recycling is not available through the City of Oxford recycling program at this time due to several variables. The closest facilities for processing glass to our geographical location are in Texas and Florida. Some people opt to bring their glass recycling to the City of Memphis, where it is aggregated and shipped to either of these locations.

A Hierarchy of Waste

Because our system for glass recycling is not perfect, we strongly recommend reducing your glass waste through source reduction. Consider packaging when shopping at the supermarket. Many products are offered in alternatives to glass, such as aluminum (which is endlessly recyclable), or even paper (which takes less time to break down and can also be recycled). If possible, always opt for glass, aluminum or paper over plastic, which is not endlessly recyclable and ultimately breaks down into smaller bits of plastic that infiltrate ecosystems.

The best alternative is to buy products in bulk and use reusable glass containers. Chicory Market has several products available in bulk.