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Office of Sustainability
University of Mississippi

Recycling Signage

Recycling signage is important because it helps reduce contamination. Recycling contamination includes putting trash, soiled items, or incorrect recyclables in a recycling container. Contamination is a major issue in the recycling process; it leads to inefficiencies in all communities and especially in areas in which recycling is sorted by hand, such as in Oxford. In order to prevent this from happening on campus and to increase our recycling rates overall, the Office of Sustainability has worked with University Marketing and Communications to develop informative signs with clear designations and instructions for how to properly recycle. See below for free printable PDFs as well as Fathead signage available for order. If the dimensions listed below are not the appropriate sizing for your bin(s), please contact us.

Image of sign illustrating paper/aluminum recyclables - includes icon of plastic water bottle, icon of plastic milk jug and icon of aluminum can

Example of printable recycling signage

8 1/2″ x 11  Printable Signage for Application on Bin

Academic/Administrative Buildings 

Plastic and Aluminum Recycling PDF – Click to Download

Cardboard and Paper Recycling PDF – Click to Download

E-waste Recycling PDF – Click to Download

Landfill Waste PDF – Click to Download 

Residence Halls

Plastic and Aluminum Recycling PDF – Click to Download 

Cardboard and Paper Recycling PDF – Click to Download

Signage for Large Blue Max-R Recycling Bins

In addition to the free printable signage above, signage is also available for the large, blue Max-R recycling bins that are often seen in building lobbies. Depending on available space, you have the option to order a large 2′ x 3′ ft sign to go on a wall above the bin, or a series of 15″ x 5″ signs to stick directly onto the bins. Both versions of this signage are composed of Fathead material, so removing them after an application is easy. Order and cost estimate requests should be sent to University Marketing and Communications at

2’ x 3 ft Above Bin Signage

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Signage applied above Max-R bin


15’’ x 5.0  On-Bin Signage 

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Signage applied directly on Max-R bin


Research shows that an increase in educational signage can greatly reduce contamination. Applying signs on and above bins is the most effective strategy to reduce contamination, increase recycling rates on campus, and improve our recycling program. Thank you for contributing to the effort! 


Signage applied above and on Max-R bin as a doubly effective strategy to increase the recycling rate and accuracy


To learn more about recycling on campus and in Oxford, check out the Office of Sustainability’s Recycling Guide.