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Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

Meet the Green Student Interns

The Office of Sustainability’s Green Student Intern Program (GSIP) employs students during the summer, fall, and spring semesters to work on sustainability projects that benefit the students, university and community. Sustainability projects will often be related to the following operational areas: transportation, recycling/waste management, behavioral change, and outreach and event planning. Learn more about the internship program here.

Spring 2020 Intern Team

Profile Photo Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson, Recycling and Waste Coordinator Intern

Rachel Anderson is from Mooreville, MS. She is majoring in biology and minoring in environmental studies with the hopes to do conservation research in graduate school. She became interested in the Office of Sustainability because she is deeply concerned about the future state of our environment and human health. Sustainability is very important to her because with sustainable practices we can reduce the detrimental effects we have on our environment and social systems. 





Profile Photo Molly Longton Molly Longton, Green Week Intern

Molly Longton is from Mesa, Arizona. She is a senior majoring in sociology with a minor in environmental studies. She became interested in sustainability because she moved a lot when she was growing up and this allowed her to get firsthand experience with many different types of environments. This helped grow her passion for learning more about sustainable practices.




Profile Photo Allegra Latimer

Allegra Latimer, Food Waste Reduction Intern

Allegra Latimer is majoring in Biology and French with a minor in Chemistry. She is from Brandon, MS and came to Ole Miss for the pre-med program, hoping to later attend UMMC. Her interest in sustainability began in high school with local projects in the Jackson-Metro area, and has now become an area that she hopes to further explore concurrently with the field of medicine. 


Profile Photo Lennis BarlowLennis Barlow, Sustainability Data Intern

Lennis is a junior International Studies and Chinese major from Madison, MS. She is a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College, leads an English Cluster, and volunteers with Leapfrog Oxford and the Memphis Refugee Empowerment program. Outside of class, Lennis enjoys listening to live music, cooking, hiking, and reading. Lennis became interested in sustainability and environmental policy during her semester-long study abroad in Beijing, China. During her time in China, Lennis was able to experience China through visiting cities and cultural landmarks, as well as communicating with Chinese citizens. Through these experiences and conversations, Lennis began to understand the urgent environmental issues China is facing and the toll it takes on Chinese cities as well as citizens. Lennis is excited to begin her work as Data Collection and Analysis Intern, and hopes to apply the lessons she learned in China to make an impact within the University of Mississippi community.



Profile Photo Brenna GardnerBrenna Gardner, Communication and Outreach Intern

Brenna is a senior anthropology major with a minor in environmental studies from Quitman, Texas. She has worked in the office previously as Waste Reduction Intern and a Green Grove leader, and is a member of UM Solidarity and the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College. Brenna’s interest in sustainability started with alternative food systems and she questioned how to make them more accessible. Brenna believes that with the challenges we face we must stick to the holistic definition of sustainability and find solutions that work towards both environmental and social equity.





Profile Photo Megan StubbsMegan Stubbs, Green Week Intern

Megan Stubbs is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama. She will graduate this May from the Honors College and with a B.A. in biological sciences and minors in chemistry and Spanish. She joined the Office of Sustainability as a sophomore Eco Rep Leader and continued as the Recycling and Waste Reduction Intern during her junior year where she created the first Ole Miss Recycling Guide. She is an advocate for recycling, composting, and other ways of living sustainably on and off-campus. Megan enjoys drinking herbal teas, staying active outdoors, and educating others about sustainability and what positive action they can do for the environment. After graduation, she intends to travel before starting graduate school in Fall 2020 to study conservation biology and environmental science.