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Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

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The University of Mississippi offers sustainability-related and environmental courses in practically all disciplines and schools. We are working to bring more attention to the options available to students by compiling this list.  It will continue to grow as more courses are added. The university also offers a Minor in Environmental Studies. Please read more below about the Minor and browse through the course listing.  Note this listing is not comprehensive but is a work in progress.

Minor in Environmental Studies

A minor in environmental studies is designed to introduce students to an interdisciplinary approach to environmental concerns, including:

  1. a study of human/environmental interactions from the viewpoint of the social sciences;
  2. a reflection on environmental themes in the arts and humanities;
  3. the scientific foundations of environmental thought.

Course Requirements: The environmental studies minor consists of Envs 101, either Bisc 104 or Bisc 162, and 12 hours of approved electives. The approved electives must include a minimum of 3 hours in at least two of the three discipline categories: humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.  Students who complete relevant internships, study abroad courses, and special topics courses will consult with the Environmental Studies Director to apply those credits to the appropriate category depending on the internship experience or the course topic.

For more information visit: or contact the Director, Dr. Ann Fisher-Wirth,

Sustainability-related courses offered at the University of Mississippi:

Ole Miss Course Catalog

College of Liberal Arts


Envs 101: Humanities and the Environment

Envs: 385 Environmental Studies Internship

Envs: 397: Topics in Environmental Studies Abroad

Envs 399: Special Topics in Environmental Studies



Bisc 104: Inquiry into Life: The Environment

Bisc 105: Inquiry into Life: Laboratory II

Bisc 220: Natural Resource Management

Bisc 318: Botany

Bisc 320: Introductory Marine Biology

Bisc 321: Aquatic Biology

Bisc 322: General Ecology

Bisc 323: Biology of Invasive Species

Bisc 329: Biology of the Fishes

Bisc 334: Ornithology

Bisc 337: Introductory Entomology

Bisc 338: Invertebrate Zoology

Bisc 339: Phycology

Bisc 342: Plant Diversity

Bisc 345: Symbiosis

Bisc 349: Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives

Bisc 350: Mammology

Bisc 413: Conservation Biology

Bisc 441: Tropical Botany

Bisc 445: Introduction to Coral Reed Ecology

Bisc 446: Fishes of the Tropics

Bisc 447: Neotropical Forest Herpetology

Bisc 448: Tropical Studies in Biology

Bisc 449: Tropical Invertebrate Biology

Bisc 450: Tropical Ornithology

Bisc 451: Ecotoxicology

Bisc 479/611: Wetlands Ecology

Bisc 502: Mycology

Bisc 505: Aquatic Microbiology

Bisc 510: Theoretical Ecology

Bisc 511: Applied Microbiology

Bisc 512: Animal Behavior

Bisc 513: Limnological Methods

Bisc 515: Conservation Biology: Viable Populations

Bisc 516: Plant Physiology

Bisc 519: Physiology of Aquatic Animals

Bisc 522: Microbial Ecology

Bisc 523: Molecular Microbiology of Soils and Sediment

Bisc 524: Aquatic Botany

Bisc 525: Conservation and Restoration Ecology

Bisc 526: Survey of the Amphibia

Bisc 527: Survey of the Reptilia

Bisc 530: Advanced Field Study in Ecology

Bisc 531: Plant Morphology

Bisc 534: Freshwater Insects

Bisc 542: Microbial Diversity

Bisc 546: Herpetology

Bisc 550: Biological Oceanography

Bisc 554: Ecological Physiology

Bisc 608: Limnology

Bisc 609: Stream Ecology

Bisc 613: Plant Ecology

Bisc 615: Icthyology

Bisc 617: Fishery Biology

Bisc 618: Community Ecology

Bisc 619: Ecosystem Ecology

Bisc 620: Field Botany

Bisc 622: Behavioral Ecology

Bisc 623: Aquatic Plants

Bisc 626: Aquatic Ornithology

Bisc 630: Algology

Bisc 632: Aquatic Toxicology

Bisc 633: Microbial Energetics

Bisc 639: Insect Morphology

Bisc 640: Biology of Amphibia

Bisc 641: Biology of Reptilia

Bisc 647: Invertebrate Zoology

Bisc 660: Plant Anatomy and Development

Center for the Study of Southern Culture


S St 314: Race, Place, and Space

S St 402: Southern Studies Seminar: Culture

S St 555: Foodways and Southern Culture

S St 611: Regionalism

S St 612: Globalization and the U.S. South

Center for Writing and Rhetoric



Writ 102: First-Year Writing II (Research topics on Food and Environment)

Chemistry and Biochemistry


Chem 201: Environmental Chemistry I

Chem 202: Environmental Chemistry II

Chem 271: Biochemical Concepts

Chem 471/671: Biochemistry I

Chem 473/673: Biochemistry II

Chem 534: Physical Biochemistry

Chem 580: Molecular Biochemistry I

Chem 581: Molecular Biochemistry II

Chem 665: Bioinorganic Chemistry



Econ 202: Principles of Microeconomics

Econ 203: Principles of Macroeconomics

Econ 305: Current Economic Topics

Econ 398: Intermediate Microeconomics

Econ 399: Intermediate Macroeconomics

Econ 406: Natural Resource Economics



Engl 310: Women in the South

Engl 325: Survey of Native American Literature

Engl 355: Sociolinguistics

Engl 358: Power, Knowledge, and Gender

Engl 360: Women in Literature

Engl 362: American Environmental Lit 1850- Present

Engl 363: British Environmental Lit 1800- Present

Engl 365: Gay and Lesbian Literature and Theory

Engl 422: Prison and the Literary Imagination

Engl 438: Language and Gender

Engl 441: Comparative Black Literatures

Engl 442: Latina and Latino Literatures

Engl 447: Animals in Literature

Engl 448: Nature Writing

Engl 449: Studies in Environmental Literature

Engl 465: Major African American Writers

Engl 475: Southern Environmental Writing

Engl 483: Renaissance Lit and the Environment

Engl 494: Seminar on Literature and Gender

Gender Studies


G St 322: Race, Gender, Science in Early America

G St 354: Power, Knowledge, and Gender

G St 391: Women, Gender, and the Environment

G St 414: Race, Place, and Space



His 308: African American History Since 1865

His 312: Women in United States History

His 314: Survey of Native America Since 1850

His 322: Race, Gender, Science in Early America

International Studies


Inst 101: Introduction to International Studies

Inst 109: Introduction to Topics in Global Studies

Modern Languages


Ling 353: Language and Culture

Ling 438: Language and Gender

Mlll 354: Power, Knowledge, and Gender

TESL 545: Indigenous Languages and Pedagogies

TESL 640: Bilingualism, Education and Identity

Philosophy and Religion


Phil 345: Environmental Ethics

Phil 645: Problems in Environmental Ethics

Physics and Astronomy


Phys 313: Physics and Biophysics of Air and Water



Psy 365: Environmental Psychology

Public Policy Leadership


PPL 345: Environmental Ethics

PPL 360: Global Perspective, Issues, and Policies

PPL 381: Global Environmental Issues

Sociology and Anthropology


Anth 303: Cultural Anthropology

Anth 304: Biological Anthropology

Anth 316: Rise and Fall of the Mississippian World

Anth 319: Environmental History of the South

Anth 330: Environmental Anthropology

Anth 331: American Indians and the Natural World

Anth 360: Political Ecology

Soc 325: Sociology of Gender

Soc 307: Urban Sociology

Soc 313: Social Movements

Soc 335: The Sociology of Food

Soc 359: Sociology of Globalization

Soc 411: Environment, Technology and Society

School of Engineering


CE 471:  Environmental Engineering I

CE 472:  Water Resources Engineering

ENGR 571:  Service-Learning for Drinking Water Treatment

DISCLAIMER: This is not an all-inclusive list, there may be more courses offered that are related to sustainability.  Not all courses are offered every semester.  Some classes may require a pre-requisite.