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Office of Sustainability
University of Mississippi

Earth Month Raffle Challenge

The Office of Sustainability is hosting an Earth Month Raffle Challenge for the entire month of April to encourage sustainable action by attending Earth Month events and completing everyday sustainability challenges.

Earth Month Raffle Challenge Prizes

Earth Month Raffle Challenge Prize

Earth Month Raffle Drawing: Monday, May 1 via our @OleMissGreen Instagram/Facebook account.

There will be ONE drawing and the winner will receive:

  • 60-qt ECOCOOL Igloo Roller Cooler
    • Made of post-consumer plastic; it is constructed using Igloo trademarked Thermecool insulation which lowers carbon dioxide and VOC emissions.
  • 3 Liter Cotopaxi Fanny Pack
    • Made from 100% repurposed materials
  • 40 oz. Stanley Tumbler & Reusable Straw
    • Made from 90% recycled 18/8 stainless steel
  • Earth Month Swag Bag
    • Items may include an Earth Month tote bag, Sprout pencil, hand-made recycled notebook, etc.

How to Participate

  1. Complete Earth Month Raffle Challenges (listed below)
  2. Take a picture of the Earth Month Challenge you are completing
    1. Photographs should include something that will confirm your completion. I.e. Signage from the event/activity, a timestamp & location, and/or a photo with a participating staff, faculty, or volunteer at the event/activity. ***If you are unable to take a photo of your challenge please contact our office and we will provide you with an alternative option.
  3. Submit proof of your challenge completion using the UM Earth Month Raffle Challenge Google Form
    1. Earth Month Raffle Challange – Participation Log LINKED HERE

Raffle Challenge Update: Each Earth Month Raffle Challenge is worth one entry into the raffle!

Earth Month Raffle Challenges

Attend an Earth Month Event

See the Earth Month Event Calendar Page for our list of events. Each event is worth 1 challenge entry.

Complete an Earth Month Challenge

Challenges Include:

  1. Complete the Pre-Earth Month Survey (Worth FIVE Raffle Entries)
  2. Eat a locally-grown meal
  3. Walk Whirlpool Trails
  4. Plant something
  5. Watch a sunset/sunrise
  6. Visit Sardis Lake
  7. Watch a documentary about nature or climate change
  8. Compost your food waste (fruit/vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, etc.)
  9. Take the OUT Bus to Campus or the Square
  10. Host or join a Clean-Up Event
  11. Calculate your Carbon-Footprint
  12. Thrift or donate clothes
  13. Join an Environmental/Sustainability Organization
  14. Use your own reusable bags when grocery shopping
  15. Use your own reusable containers as a to-go box at a restaurant
  16. Recycle following the Oxford Recycling Center guidelines
  17. Repair something that is broken instead of replacing it
  18. Make your own sustainable cleaning product
  19. Volunteer at the Campus Garden
  20. Bike somewhere instead of driving
  21. Carpool somewhere with your friends
  22. Attend an environmental talk or panel (in-person or virtual)
  23. Use natural light instead of light bulbs
  24. Use recycled paper
  25. Make recycled paper
  26. Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  27. Wash your clothes on cold
  28. Turn off all lights and electronics when not in use
  29. Try a vegan recipe
  30. Freeze leftover fruits and vegetables rather than letting them go bad
  31. Swap florescent light bulbs for LED lights
  32. Let your clothes hang dry instead of using the dryer
  33. Opt for plastic-free produce and food
  34. Implement a ‘One in, One Out’ rule where you only buy one product once you finish a product
  35. Start a garden
  36. Switch a disposable product out for a reusable product
  37. Visit Holly Springs, National Forest
  38. Participate in a UM Outdoors event
  39. Listen to nature podcasts or read an environmentally-themed book
  40. Complete a personal waste audit
  41. Find an Earth Month infographic around campus.

Other/Sustainability Activity Not Listed Above

Did you participate in an event or activity related to sustainability or environmental advocating, and it is not included in our list of Earth Month Challenges or Events? You can STILL submit information about this activity using the UM Earth Month Raffle Challenge Google Form. A member of the Office of Sustainability will review your submission and determine whether it will count toward your Earth Month Raffle Challenges. You will be notified as soon as the submission is reviewed.


Earth Month Raffle Challenge Drawing: Monday, May 1 via our @OleMissGreen Instagram/Facebook account.

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